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Death Coming Accidentally Brought Out of Early Access

It’s ironic that a game about causing accidents would fall victim of an accident itself. But that’s the case with Death Coming, which came out of early access a little earlier than NEXT Studio had planned. Back on November 7th, NEXT Studios accidentally brought Death Coming out of Steam Early Access when they pushed out an update, but luckily the game was nearly complete anyway, so they just rolled with it. Today they officially pushed out version 1.0 for Death Coming.

Death Coming is a 2D non-linear “accident simulator” that sees the player looking for opportunities to send innocent people to their untimely demise. See, you died and Death needs you collect a soul toll. Think Final Destination, but with a deceptively cute pixel-art aesthetic. Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of this unique indie puzzle game.

Typically, accidentally releasing a game too early would be suicide, but NEXT Studio embraced the irony and powered through. Thankfully, the game was in a near-finished sate and the team was nimble enough to keep pushing out big fixes through out the month. This apparently was enough to satisfy because the game currently has an “Overwhelming Positive” rating on Steam, so perhaps this was a blessing a disguise.

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