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There’s A New Limited Print Publisher In Town

Another player joins the game of limited physical releases.

Strictly Limited Games has announced that they will be publishing limited-run quantities of previously digital-only PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch console games. The games will be available in very limited quantities and they will not be reissued. For instance, the first game getting the treatment is Tokyo 42 for the PlayStation 4. Strictly Limited has stated that it will have 2,600 copies of the game, 200 copies of the soundtrack, and 200 art prints. This is the level of transparency they are going for, so collectors can get a feeling for demand and how quickly the games will sell out. The art prints and soundtracks can be purchased separately from the games.

Strictly Limited plans to offer one game each month and be upfront with the quantities that will be available. Their first game has already sold over 400 copies since going on sale November 11th.

It will be interesting to see how the limited physical edition market handles more players. Retailers are already facing issues around ESRB rerating costs, and the obvious cost of shipping items over seas. Both Limited Run Games and Special Reserve have made statements on the ESRB issue, with Special Reserve opting to drop RUINER from their lineup. Many have resorted to making up some of this cost by selling items related to the games they publish, such as the art prints and physical soundtracks that Strictly Limited is offering. With more companies jumping on, and some of them already struggling to justify the costs, at what point will the price of these games be so high that even the most avid collectors will shy away?

What do you think about this niche market? Do you grab these games when they go on sale? Which retailers do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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