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Syberia 2 Out Now On Nintendo Switch, New Trailer

The classic 3rd person adventure game Syberia 2 is out now on the Nintendo Switch. It is currently available in the eShop in the US and Europe, while Europe is also getting a physical edition. The game was ported to the Switch by Koalabs Studio and follows on the heals of the original game that launched on the Switch in October.

Syberia 2 sees series protagonist Kate Walker abandoning her city life style in favor of helping Hans Voralberg realize his childhood dream. Syberia 2 retains the first game’s adventure style gameplay, while improving the visual quality and animations. The Switch version has been updated with higher quality graphics and is playable in both docked and portable modes.

Take a look at the launch trailer below to get an idea of the game will look and play on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Syberia II originally came out in 2004 and was developed by Microïds. It first appeared on Windows, but was brought over to the original Xbox and PlayStation 2 later that year. The Switch version is another platform in a long list of remasters and rereleases. It will be a welcome addition to the Switch as it is currnetly lacking in classic-style adventure games.

Are you looking forward to playing Syberia 2 on the Switch? Do you have a fondness for this series or will this be your first time checking it out?

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