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Nintendo Nindie Showcase Round Up!

With PAX West this weekend, Nintendo had their second Nintendo Direct focusing on indie games coming to Nintendo platforms. This one was all about games coming to Switch and featured 20 titles that will be hitting the console over the next six months or so. Not all of the games are exclusive, but some of them are and others are coming first to the Switch. Here is a run down of all the games that were featured in today’s Nindie Showcase, and in the order you can expect to play them… supposedly.

Steam World Dig 2 – September 21st

The highly anticipated sequel to Steam World Dig will be hitting the Switch first on September 21st.

Golf Story – September 2017

A classic RPG where all the challenges are completed by playing golf. Meet people, solve puzzles, and play golf! Coming exclusively to the Switch.

Wulver Blade – September 2017

A hand-drawn, 2D side scrolling beat em up taking place in Ancient Britannia. Coming first to the Switch.

Yono and the Celestial Elephants – October 12th

Play as Yono, an elephant, in this isometric action adventure game. Switch console exclusive.

Mom Hid My Game! – Fall 2017

Solve puzzles to discover where your evil mother hid your favorite game. Contains exclusive stages on Switch and 3DS.

Sausage Sports Club – Fall 2017

This funny little competitive multiplayer game is coming first to the Switch.

Earth Atlantis – Fall 2017

Fight underwater baddies in this 2D shoot em up coming first the Switch.

Nine Parchments – Holiday 2017

Team up with three other players in the isometric “blast em up” game from the makers of Trine.

Poly Bridge – Holiday 2017

The famous bridge builder is making its console debut on the Switch.

Dragon: Marked for Death – Winter 2017

Play alone or with up to three friends in local or online play in this 2D action RPG, exclusively on the Switch.

Morphies Law – Holiday 2017

Compete against others in this bizarre 3rd person shooter all about winning and looking weird doing it. Console exclusive on the Switch.

Battle Chef Brigade – Holiday 2017

An RPG all about making the perfect dish is coming first to the Switch.

Floor Kids – 2017

A rhythm game based around break dancing in various locations throughout a city. Featuring original beats from Kid Koala. Coming first to the Switch.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards – Early 2018

The final chapter in Shovel Knight’s Treasure Trove saga sees King Knight on a mission to defeat the three kings.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition – Early 2018

The PC adventure game is coming to the Switch, complete with all five episodes and interludes. Launching exclusively on the Switch.

Next Up Hero – Early 2018

Take up arms in this isometric action adventure game where your dead ghost can be resurrected as a companion in someone else’s game.

Mulkala – Early 2018

A 3D action adventure game about exploring a world teeming with life, dangers, and puzzles.

Light Fingers – Early 2018

Compete with up to four players in this turn-based board game coming first to the Switch.

Super Meat Boy Forever – 2018

This is the sequel to Super Meat Boy and will have you trying to save your son Nugget from the clutches of the evil Dr. Fetus. It will be coming first to the Nintendo Switch.

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again – 2018

The highly anticipated sequel to Suda51’s No More Heroes is coming exclusively to the Switch in 2018. Check out the announcement trailer below.

What a show! Nintendo managed to cram 20 games into a 20 minute show, and provide Switch owners with a great list of indie titles they can look forward to playing, some of them quite soon. Stay tuned to Voxel Voice for more indie news as PAX West continues, and for more information on all the games listed above.

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