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An Interview With Bill Gardner About Perception

We spoke with Bill Gardner on the PAX East show floor about his new game Perception. He talked about how the game provides a unique perspective into the horror genre, the research the team did to make the game feel authentic, and how his previous work on BioShock impacted their approach to the game.

We’re very excited to see how Perception turns out and we shouldn’t have to wait long, as Bill said they are getting ready to ship it very soon.

I remember playing Super Mario Bros. and Metroid on the NES with my older brother, and never being able to land on the aircraft carrier in Top Gun. I faked being sick so I could stay home from school and play Quake II once, but now I request days off from work instead of lying. Age of Empires II is still the best RTS, Half-Life is still the best FPS, and I still think the end of Mass Effect 3 was great!