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Hob Walkthrough

Please enjoy our video walkthrough for Hob by Runic Games.

Part 1 – Forging the Sword

Part 2 – Helping Hand (First Armament)

Part 3 – To the Power Zone

Part 4 – Powering Up (Part 1) (Second Armament)

Part 5 – Powering On (Part 2)

Part 6 – Powering On (Part 3)

Part 7 – To the Machine

Part 8 – Turing On the Machine

Part 9 – Freeing the Mother Sprite

Part 10 – Raising the Forest

Part 11 – Ruins of War

Part 12 – Raising the Reservoir

Part 14 – Filling the Reservoir (Part 1)

Part 14 – Filling the Reservoir (Part 2)

Part 15 – Getting the Desert Colossus Core

Part 16 – Getting the Forest Colossus Core

Part 17 – Final Core, Both Endings

Hob Good & Bad Endings with Final Fight & Credits

I remember playing Super Mario Bros. and Metroid on the NES with my older brother, and never being able to land on the aircraft carrier in Top Gun. I faked being sick so I could stay home from school and play Quake II once, but now I request days off from work instead of lying. Age of Empires II is still the best RTS, Half-Life is still the best FPS, and I still think the end of Mass Effect 3 was great!