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Embers of Mirrim: New Images, Trailer, & Gameplay!

Creative Bytes have released new images and a trailer featuring gameplay for their new game, Embers of Mirrim. If you’re interested in mystical action-platformers, then this is one to keep an eye on. Embers of Mirrim is designed with a mixture of classic platforming, puzzle-solving, boss fights, and thrilling chases, think Ori and the Blind Forest. It’s set to release to Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 in spring 2017.

You’ll play as a stylish character with twice the personality. Your ability to split into dark and light embers will add an interesting twist to the gameplay. Classic platforming mixed with precise dual thumbstick controls should make battling bosses, and narrowly escaping death encounters, fresh and exciting. Embers of Mirrim also appears to have a vibrant, lively world to explore.

Check out the trailer, screenshots, and the official press release from Creative Bytes below.

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Embers of Mirrim is an adventure-platformer featuring a mystical creature with the ability to split into light and dark entities called Embers. As Mirrim, you can explore the dramatic landscape using the opposing forces of the Embers to affect creatures and relics in the world in unexpected ways.

Designed with a variety of gameplay including classic platforming, puzzle-solving, formidable boss battles and thrilling chases – Embers of Mirrim ascends beyond the standard platformer with precise controls, unique mechanics, and rich environments.


  • A Stylish Character with Twice the Personality: Mirrim has the ability to split into two playable forms, called Embers. The Light and Dark embers are independently controlled by the left and right control sticks and offer new ways to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and traverse through the world.
  • Diverse Gameplay: Master innovative thumbstick controls mixed with classic platforming, alter your world to solve intriguing puzzles, battle with gigantic bosses and run for your life from dangerous threats. Infusing these moments with “splitting” gameplay and a powerful narrative offers more than the sum of its parts.
  • Save Your World From the Corruption: Use your powers to rid the world of the corruption that is infecting your beloved planet. Save your friends and unify their forces to restore balance to the world.
  • Explore the Extraordinary World: A vibrant and colorful universe awaits! Mirrim’s journey will take you from a thawing mountain to an aging forest to a desolate wasteland and more. A variety of hidden secrets are scattered throughout the stunningly rendered environments for you to discover.


Creative Bytes Studios is an interactive technology company that consists of a talented group of developers who share a passion for gaming and interactive media.

The company was formed in 2013 by Paul Caporicci and Shawn Jackson, two industry leaders who believe that the creation of truly great interactive experiences involve the skillful fusion of technology and design. By combining Paul’s technical background with Shawn’s artistic skills, they work together to bring digital creations to life.


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