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You Can Move to Aven Colony Next Month

Team17 and Mothership Entertainment have announced that Aven Colony, their off-world city building strategy game, will be available starting July 25th on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Aven Colony is a real-time city builder that tasks you with founding a frontier colony on an exotic, and sometimes hazardous, planet. You’ll manage the happiness and well being of your colonists as they perform their daily duties, while also expanding your base. There are dangers our there, however, so be prepared to defend yourself against the aliens who aren’t happy you’re colonizing their world.

Aven Colony is a rare case of an RTS that’s launching simultaneously on PC and consoles, giving console players a taste of a genre typically exclusive to the PC. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are also get boxed, physical releases.

Voxel Voice spoke with Team17 at PAX East about Aven Colony, and even had a chance to play it. You can check out the interview below, and stay tuned to Voxel Voice for more on Aven Colony as the release date approaches.

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Aven Colony Touches Down on July 25th!

Pricing and pre-order exclusive Cerulean Vale sandbox map announced
New Aven Colony trailer:

UK – 6th June 2017 – Award-winning veteran games developer and international games label Team17, and Texas-based independent developer Mothership Entertainment, are excited to announce the launch date for their engrossing sci-fi city-building and management sim, Aven Colony.

Launching on the 25th July on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Aven Colony is available to pre-order now for £24.99 / $29.99 / 29,99€ in both digital and physical formats* from select retailers. Those who pre-order will receive an additional sandbox map, Cerulean Vale, which allows players to explore its treacherous badlands and discover the remnants of an ancient seabed in this stunning new biome.

A gripping, rich simulation of an alien colony, Aven Colony allows you to build, customise, and maintain your settlement within Aven Prime, a hostile extra-terrestrial world full of deserts, tundras, and wetlands light-years from earth.

Dive in to an extensive dedicated single-player campaign, where you’ll need to brave Aven Prime’s harsh environments with freezing winters, lightning storms, ice storms, and toxic gas clouds. Prepare for attacks from the local lifeforms, including giant acid-spewing sandworms, “creep spores” that infect your buildings, and “plague spores” that infiltrate your colony and infect your colonists with a deadly plague. You must protect your colony from everything the planet has to throw at them, and shape the future of the survival of the human race.

All the single player content can also be explored in sandbox mode which allows players to tailor a full suite of options to customise the game experience including editing the starting resources, environmental events, minerals, and much more!

Aven Colony launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on the 25th July 2017.  Players can pre-order the game now via the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store (EU only) and Steam.

*Note: Boxed, physical version available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only.

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