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An Interview With Andrew Morrish About Kingsway

Kingsway was announced just a few days before PAX East 2017, so very little was known about it going into the event. Much to our surprise, there was an extensive demo to play at the event, and Andrew Morrish, the game’s soul developer, was on hand to answer questions.

The idea behind Kingsway is quite novel: it’s an RPG built around the conventions of a computer operating system. Your quests come in through  e-mails, you store potions and weapons in folders, and everything pops up in easy to understand windows. It looks a lot like a really busy version of Windows 98.

Morrish explained that, while most people may not immediately grasp the idea of an RPG, almost everyone is familiar with how a desktop operating system works, so the interface works to the game’s advantage. It also helps that’s it’s eye catching, not many games evoke Kingsway’s aesthetic and it’s certainly a head-turner.

You can listen to the interview above to hear Andrew explain the game in his own words and how people have been responding to this clever side project that is now transforming into a fully-featured indie game thanks to the people over at Adult Swim Games.

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